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Materials for download

Kick-off meeting, Białowieża NP Headquarters, 15-17th September 2013

Scandinavian Interdisciplinary Workshop, Oslo Gardemoen, 25th November 2013

Białowieża Interdisciplinary Workshop, Warsaw, WNE UW, 3-5th December 2013

Survey Software

 Tender Documentation (in English)

Academic Writing Workshop, Warsaw, WNE UW, 20-21st April 2016; Budy village, 6-8th May 2016

Publications and Working Papers

Marek Giergiczny, Sviataslau Valasiuk, Maria De Salvo, Giovanni Signorello, 2014. “Value of forest recreation. Meta-analyses of the European valuation studies”, Ekonomia i Środowisko, 4 (51): 76 – 83. 

Mikołaj Czajkowski, Marek Giergiczny, Tomasz Żylicz, Sviataslau Valasiuk, Knut Veisten, Askill Harkjerr Halse, Iratxe Landa Mata (2016) Transnational Parks:  International Public Goods? -- Working Paper

Sviataslau Valasiuk, Mikołaj Czajkowski , Marek Giergiczny , Tomasz Żylicz, Knut Veisten, Iratxe Landa Mata, Askill Harkjerr Halse, Marine Elbakidze, Per Angelstam (2016) „Luckily, a neighbour’s cow is dead”. Mutual disutility from bilateral conservation prospects for the transboundary protected area in the case of the Białowieża Forest.  Ekonomia i Środowisko 58: 186-198

Valasiuk S, Czajkowski M, Giergiczny M, Żylicz T, Veisten K, Elbakidze M, Angelstam P (2017) Are bilateral conservation policies for the Białowieża Forest unattainable? Analysis of stated preferences of Polish and Belarusian public. Journal of Forest Economics 27:70–79

Sviataslau Valasiuk, Mikołaj Czajkowski, Marek Giergiczny, Tomasz Żylicz, Knut Veisten, Iratxe Landa Mata, Askill Harkjerr Halse, Marine Elbakidze, Per Angelstam (2017) Is Forest Landscape Restoration Socially Desirable? A Discrete Choice Experiment Applied to the Scandinavian Transboundary Fulufjället National Park Area. Restoration Ecology 51

Project Recommendations

Recommendations on transboundary NPAs management based on study findings and political implications

Scandinavian Results Workshop

Welcome and Agenda

Project Background

Scenario & Experimental Design

Collection of Data & Main Results

Discussion I

Discussion II


Workshop summary report

Eastern Results Workshop (in Polish)

Introduction (T.Żylicz)

Previous valuation studies in the Białowieża Forest (M.Giergiczny)

TRANPAREA Project: implementation, results and implications (S.Valasiuk)

Promotional Materials

TRANPAREA Project Factsheet

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Article on (in Russian)